Kinds of Twisted Wire Brushes

15 Aug

The other names that you can use to refer to twisted in wire brushes, tube brushes, spiral brushes, bottle brushes or pipe brushes. They are well known for their powerful cleaning ability of places that one cannot get to. This is because of the fact that they have got a long handle which is entangled with filaments at the very end of it. The bristle material that helps with the cleaning s safely secured in between the twisted wire tightly to hold it in place perfectly well. You will get these twisted wire brushes in the shelf of different sizes and also diameters to help you with your cleaning needs. They are mostly made from stainless steel as the main kind if material but other metals can also be used. The three types of twisted wire brushes that you can find available in the market today are as follows.

The fist one is single stem single spiral twisted wire brush. They are made from simply twisting the filament in between two stem wires with a single layer of filament. These are the most commonly used wire brushes that you can find available in the market today. They are much lighter because there is no much filling done in it and is good for cleaning lighter material. They are meant for light cleaning purposes since that are light duty. It is used in many households to clean water bottles and any other bottle that does not carry light liquid substance.

The second type of Sanderson Macleod twisted wire brush is known as the double stem single spiral twisted wire brushes. They are made by simply twisting the filaments in between four stem wires with just two stem wires on both sides. This makes the wire brush to be much stronger and have a base that is great in terms of the filament density. This give it the ability to clean much tougher stains. This is due to the fact that they are much heavier and stronger hence can scrub off tougher dirt. The filament is always more and with a high density which comes out in a spiral shape.

The Sanderson Macleod double spiral twisted wire brushes is the third type. It is made by twisting filaments in between four stem wires within two layers of bristles. For every one of these layers there is a perpendicular one to the other single stem of wire which is done on either sides. This is what makes it to have a higher density of the other two. This is turn makes it o become the strongest of them all and has got the capability of cleaning the toughest stains. They are often made with much tougher filaments and come mostly in bigger sizes.

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